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Chasing Daisy (2009)

Chasing Daisy (2009)

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184739390X (ISBN13: 9781847393906)
Simon & Schuster

About book Chasing Daisy (2009)

This is a STUPID book. I swear. This is going to be my first ever 1 star review.Honestly, there is no match to the synopsis and the actual book.Synopsis tells you of a nice breezy read with F1, visiting many countries and a underlying romance track. The book though, is totally confusing, too fast for a story and too abrupt for feelings/emotions. The characters are not even remotely real. Except for maybe Luis (who again, idk how he can wait for Daisy among all that's happening in the book).The Daisy-Will track is absolutely irritating. It has no sense to it. Cause we already know Its going to be Daisy-Luis. I myself, just don't like love triangles, but was thinking, its okay, he might be the initial love interest then he'll turn out either bad or just too sweet for Daisy and she'll move on to Luis. But no, till half of the book, she's stuck over Will, who not even sure till that time if he likes her. He already has a good sweet girl (that too, his childhood sweetheart!) and its like reading some extra marital affair thing. EW!I H A T E D that Will died. It's just. It doesn't even make any bloody sense. I mean it seems like the book has been written in parts and every part is different from the other and has another genre completely.I mean the first set has comedy and funny aspect.Then comes in romance with Will.Then TRAGEDY. WHAT IN THE WORLD??Then romance again? Like UGH?I stopped the book when Will died, because it was getting too much for me. I wanted to read a book for its fun/romance element. Not some confused shit. But i was bored and started reading again and found the next half of the book different altogether. If the first half of the book wasn't written at all, i don't think it'd have made any difference to the story in the second half, which was very very rushed and uhmm kinda boring. (again!)There was no real writing style here that i liked actually. Not to be offensive, but i think the book sucked and i don't know how in the world it has got so many good ratings here. (boo you people, i trusted you and read the book :| )Whatever, i feel good now after writing this review. My time was utterly butterly wasted. Please do not read this book thinking it is a Sophie Kinsella type book, BECAUSE IT IS BLOODY NOTI accidentally deleted the review for this book. Thanks Ellie for helping me out and recovering it for me :D Chasing Daisy was a book that I found repeatedly turning up on my goodreads shelves, so when I spotted it at a local library, I jumped at the chance to check it out. Verdict? It's okaaay. The plot is serviceable, the leads are likeable enough, it's got its chick lit formula down pat, but it just didn't translate into full blown love for me. Let's start with the heroine, Daisy Rogers. She's a bun tart with a secret in love with an already-attached William Trust while another hot F1 driver also has the hots for her. I wasn't a fan of the blasé attitude towards cheating this book seemed to convey. There are just so many things wrong with cheating but no one seemed to feel the consequences that came with it, other than guilt, which they just had to reiterate while in the act of cheating. William Trust, the said attached crush of Daisy's was the most one dimensional of the lot whose sole purpose in the book was to draw Daisy and Luis closer to each other. Luis: now there's a guy I liked. He was forward, straight, warm, funny and most of all, he drove Daisy to grow, to move on in life to better things, and to trust. His family was practically brimming with warmth and coziness, something Daisy sorely craved so I was glad they found each other. As for what Daisy brought him.. Daisy picked him up and put him together again when he was at his lowest so there's that. There we have it, a lovely enough story for a quick weekend fix. As a side note, should you ever want to learn curse words in different languages and in a fun way, do pick this up too.

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My first Paige Toon novel and I totally fell in love with it. Re-read it a few times so far.

Really love paige toon. Love how in every book somehow the characters link together.

Cute and funny, but then it takes an unbelievably morbid turn...

This is probably the worst book I have read in a while, tbh.

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