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Chasing Angel (2014)

Chasing Angel (2014)

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3.5 stars.This actually wasn't too bad. It was entertaining and all, but I couldn't give it 5 stars because of a few reasons.1. Even though this series took a different turn than the Lux Series did (*+1.5 stars for that*), it's still a rip-off and therefore it can't get 5 stars from me. *-1 star*2. The book is in major need of an editor. There is an abundance of spelling and grammar mistakes, not to mention that some parts are written so badly that I had the urge to cut my eyeballs out and bury them 10 feet underground. *-1 star*3. We all get it-- Chase is unnaturally and unbelievably sexy. But it's really not necessary to state it on every single page! Seriously, whenever Chase is present, there are at least 3 paragraphs of Angel drooling over him. The very smell of him makes Angel want to jump in his pants, and hell, him saying her name practically causes her to orgasm. It's highly annoying. We don't need to read about his hotness every second. There are other ways to get to communicate the fact that he's hot. *-1 star*

"Chasing Angel" is the best book to date in the Divisa series. A new menace has come to town and it is threatening to destroy the very links that bind Chase and Angel together. I will not say what the evil is because I don't want to spoil anything; but, I will say it is a doosie.Angel and Chase move their relationship further and so do Chloe and Devin. It seems that romance is flourishing everywhere. Thanks to Angel glamour ability, Emma and Travis work out their issues. Unfortunately, one member of the Divisa race is not going to survive the battle that is to come. The question is who will it be?This book was great but it also felt like the end. However, I know the author is planning another book written from Chase's POV entitled, "Loving Angel." I just don't know if it will be a full novel or a novella. Needless to say, I am hooked either way!

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A must read x100! Chase and Angel still have that smoking, infuriating, swoon-worthy, and romantic relationship that we all love.Angel is as stubborn as ever and is willing to do anything to keep her family safe and happy. Chase is still a sexy, smart-assed, and drool-worthy guy who goes all caveman and dangerous but keeps his heart of gold intact. Chase and Angel take their relationship further and Angel achieves amazing powers, ones that a high-level demon wants. I will say that I was a bit disappointed on how the Emma-Travis problem was dealt with, but I loved seeing the whole gang all back together. Don't miss out on the chase to read it!

Another great book in this series! Angel is just awesome. She's hilarious and there's never a dull moment when she's around. I love her relationship with Chase of course and how they like to go back and forth with each other. The issue that is occurring in the third book is that Chase's sire is back in town and of course he's causing trouble. Basically, he wants Angel and isn't leaving until he has her. Like with the other two books, I love the writing style and the characters. The only thing that bothered me a little was the whole Emma thing. It seemed a little too easy for me and I feel like there could have been more to it. Overall, it was a really fun and addicting read!

I am stupid. Why ?How could I fall for this book ?The bad guy is lame. Too bad. I always thought a good book needed an awesome bad guy. The same goes for TV Shows or movies, and everybody can feel a different vibe when they are watching Smallville's Lex Luthor or the weird red guy from Captain America.Moreover, I thought the bad part of the Emma-Travis relationship at the beginning of the book was preeeetttttttttttttty useless. So was the Sierra act.And I miss Lexi very much. She appeared like twice. I mean boo freaking hoo !That being said…I love the dynamic Chase-Angel. I have always hated the fiction with "I an not ready to do IT". Thankfully, it went the other way around ;-)I would recommend this book. You want love ? Done. Sparks ? Done. A love that will make you dream ? Done again.I am happy I read it. It was refreshing.

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