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Caveman Logic: The Persistence Of Primitive Thinking In A Modern World (2009)

Caveman Logic: The Persistence of Primitive Thinking in a Modern World (2009)

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About book Caveman Logic: The Persistence Of Primitive Thinking In A Modern World (2009)

“Evolutionary psychology is a relatively new field that offers a scientific, indeed a biological approach, to understanding human behavior. Unlike other fields of psychology, an evolutionary approach attempts to understand humans as part of the biological world in which they evolved.” p. 13My husband has been quoting Hank Davis to me for years. He is not a voracious reader like me, so for him to tell me to read a book is a big deal. I will admit it has taken me awhile to get to this, but I now understand why my husband finds this compelling. Davis made me think about some of my daily habits in a new way.I have a tendency to find connections among different parts of my life. I am always finding that books I am reading link in unexpected ways. Even though I know better, I say that twists of fate mean something in my life. I think of myself as a rational being, but often I act as if chance actually does favor me.Davis’ book explains why our brains persist in this illogical logic. He believes that for our ancestors to survive our brains became wired in a particular way. We no longer need this wiring, but the evolutionary process is slow. So Davis suggests that we need to consciously change our thinking. In his thinking, we need to transform our brains to the brains we need for our time. I can see Davis’ point and I believe he is correct – for the most part. I just can’t quite give up my belief in God. Davis is an atheist and makes reasonable arguments for the need to abandon superstition. I just can’t completely buy all his advice. I know that religion has been the cause of many problems, but in my opinion, good things have come out of the belief in God.As I said in my review of Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life, no matter what atheists tell me, I believe that humans’ better nature has something to do with our religious faith. I am glad that I read these two books simultaneously because for me Armstrong and Davis tempered each other’s arguments.Although I did not agree with everything Davis had to say, I highly recommend his book. I do think that overall humans are using primitive thinking in a world where life has changed drastically. I will try to be more conscious of the flaws in my thinking. If you have an interest in psychology or human biology or just new ideas, you might want to read Caveman Logic. I believe it is well worth your time.

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