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Cartas Desde La Isla De Skye (2013)

Cartas desde la isla de Skye (2013)

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About book Cartas Desde La Isla De Skye (2013)

Avevo sentito parlarne bene che ho deciso di leggerlo, ed lo iniziato senza nessuna aspettativa. Questo libro mi ha rapita, stregata... Non riuscivo a togliere gli occhi dal libro, ero curiosa di sapere come andava. E un libro che si legge facilmente che nemmeno ti accorgi quante pagine hai letto. Ho adorato tutto di questo libro dalla copertina al modo di scrittura epistolare, dalla trama ai personaggi .... Ho passato questi due giorni in compagnia di una storia bellissima, e quando non leggevo ci pensavo, e una storia che ti rimane dentro( per lo meno nel mio caso). Lo consiglio vivamente di leggere... The story starts out strong, but after awhile, the format wears thin (the entire tale is told through letters from and to various people). The story revolves around two pairs of pen pals: Elspeth and David in the 1910's, and Elspeth's daughter Margaret and Paul in 1940. It's clearly meant to be two parallel stories, of young men and women during troubled times. There is very little focus on Margaret and Paul, however, with their personal story being wrapped up very quickly. Their involvement feels like it was shoe-horned in just for the sake of drawing parallels. I wanted much more attention paid to them, or for their entire story to be removed.My biggest gripe is in the last quarter of the book, when people start keeping secrets and acting against their personality. It's like the author got close to the end and realized that, oh no, people needed to act a certain way, or the mystery that drives the story would fall apart. The result is characters making blatantly stupid, unbelievable choices. It took me completely out of the story right when I should have been most invested. An interesting story with a few glaring flaws, hopefully the author will polish things up a bit better the next time around.

Do You like book Cartas Desde La Isla De Skye (2013)?

Stumbled into this audio book and was pleasantly surprised. A really sweet love story.

This was a nice easy read based on a romance that blossomed just before WWI to WWII.

Somewhat predictable but still a great read. It's a great romantic story.

I loved this book. My kind of historical fiction read..

Loved the format

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