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Carrément Hot (2012)

Carrément hot (2012)

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2290056626 (ISBN13: 9782290056622)
J'ai Lu

About book Carrément Hot (2012)

I loved this story! Imogen Wilson is smart, logical, honest to a fault sociology grad student. Although from New York, she's studying in Charlotte NC and finds herself hanging around with the stock car races crowd. She's got a crush on driver Ty McCordle, but he's a player into girls who look like Barbie - he'd never be interested in a studious skinny girl with not much of a chest like her! Ty is gorgeous, sexy, laid back and a lot of fun. He is having a pretty good year on the track, and has his choice of women. They are so different, but somehow these two find their way together and sparks fly (along with clothes!) This sexy playboy starts quoting Shakespeare, for god's sake! I loved both Imogen and Ty, and the way his perspective changed when he found someone real, was charming. Along with a terrific story, there was lots of hot sex! This is the second book in the Fast Track series, and quite honestly, I'm surprised I like this series given my disinterest in stock car racing. This book follows Imogen Wilson, the teaching assistant to Tamara from the first book, and Ty McCordle, a stock car racer. Imogen and Ty feel an instant attraction to one another, but Ty is dating a stock car groupie and Imogen is not really looking for a romance. Honestly, these books are really kind of dull and boring and PG rated. The stories aren't super spectacular, but they are super fast reads and the characters are ok. This book had a bit of a twist, as Ty was harboring a secret (which I honestly did not see coming), but overall, this book was ok.

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I enjoyed this one a lot more than the first one.

Definitely one of my favorites.

Que belleza.

its good

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