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Carly's Conspiracy (2000)

Carly's Conspiracy (2000)

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About book Carly's Conspiracy (2000)

Diane Capri's book is titled "Due Justice: Judge Willa Carson Mystery the Hunt For Justice Series Book...) Unfortunately, the title says it all. The book is very wordy and goes off into areas that do not appear to have any relevance to the story, even tangentally.I think what drove me to give this book a three rating is that it came thisssss close to being a four. This was caused by Capri's very unfortunate and consistent habit of never starting a sentence with a subject noun. Most of her sentences begin with a verb or simply start right out of mid air. I am not one that usually involves myself in the grammar or punctuation of a book unless it is highly irritating, but to not use simple sentences when the main character, Willa Carson, is supposed to be a federal judge, makes no sense to me. I told myself perhaps it was intentional, as in meant to add some sort of odd flavor to the book, but it didn't. It simply got on my nerves. The plot was good and the characterization shows experience in writing a book, but the odd sentence structuring turned me completely off.I felt the author was simply too busy to write a good book and her editor was asleep at her desk. ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....This is completely boring, awful characters, no excitement or suspense. I feel like I'm following a judge around on her daily routine. Out to the golf course, home for drinks, blah, blah, blah. I'm 50% in and I so want to call it quits, but I will persevere! I'm skimming at this point anyway.One of the most irritating things about this book however is the chapter endings. Almost every one ends in a cliche cliffhanger thingy. For example,"The only thing I could manage was the break. I escaped. Or so I thought." (dun, dun, dun...)or this one "Then I'd fix it like always. Or so I thought." or this one... "Nothing else that marrying money didn't cure, at any rate. That's what I thought at the time." "Tory might be erratic, but she's well informed." What an understatement that turned out to be. In my opinion, these are the characteristics of amateurish writing and honestly make me laugh out loud at how corny they sound. I so do not recommend this book - unless you're trying to sleep.

Do You like book Carly's Conspiracy (2000)?

If you like Sue Grafton's books, then you will enjoy Carly's Conspiracy!

I managed up to page 236 and give up.......boring, boring, boring !

an excellent read. Sue Grafton had better watch herself!!

so boring, only read a few chapters then gave up.

Gave this one 4.5 stars

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