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Captain Vorpatril's Alliance (2012)

Captain Vorpatril's Alliance (2012)

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About book Captain Vorpatril's Alliance (2012)

I did enjoy my romp through the Barrayaran world again, following the often humorous Captain Ivan Vorpatril who has acted as a foil for his cousin, Miles Vorkosigan, in numerous stories. Ivan is all that Miles isn't--strong bodied and handsome, admitted into the military academy, an expert romancer, and in-line as heir to the throne along with Miles. However, where Ivan is physically superior to Miles, Miles has always out shown him in almost-frightening intelligence and drive. So it was great fun to read a story focusing on Ivan that developed his likeability and good nature while still maintaining his character traits from previous books. The story begins with Ivan being dragged into an undercover OpSec intrigue by Byerley, which has him then scrambling to help Tej and Rish who are fleeing the downfall of their Jacksonian House and kidnappers trying to grab them back. The story made me smile a lot and appreciate the writing skill of Bujold in keeping Ivan the same person he has been but uncovering hidden abilities and virtues not seen before. Not as dynamic and eye catching as the rest of the Vorkosigan Saga, but still a superb construct by the Mistress.The pace is a little slow but the readers have a chance to see how Ivan and By stepping forward into the stage lights. Still, the touching and stylish writing are all over the place. It's more a sequal to A Civil Campaign due to the presence of the plenty of in-laws, odd/even siblings, parents, etc., IMHO.

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I was really enjoying this one and I love Ivan but once Tej family arrived it got kind of boring.

3 stars for Ivan (who deserves better! all the stars for Ivan!). The plot left me indifferent.

Another great entry in series from a different point of view

Another rollicking good yarn in the Vorkosigan saga.

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