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Calling Me Home (2013)

Calling Me Home (2013)

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1250014522 (ISBN13: 9781250014528)
St. Martin's Press

About book Calling Me Home (2013)

Ninety year old Isabelle recounts parts of her past to her friend Dorrie as they take a road trip to Cincinnati for a funeral. I didn't enjoy the present day sections as much - they felt a bit contrived - but overall I enjoyed the story of forbidden love and racism in small town America of the 1930s (and the present day!) This novel is a bit like both The Help and The Notebook - have your tissues handy! A modern-day tale of a young, black hairdresser driving her elderly white client to an out-of-town funeral interspersed with a 1930's saga of forbidden love, Calling Me Home explores the ties of friendship and family, the inequities of Jim Crow laws and the challenges of interracial relationships. Though the "mystery" seems obvious early on, the story is nonetheless compelling, tender and heartbreaking.

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3.5. This was a good book that made me glad the world has evolved.

LOVED this book ... made me laugh and cry!

Loved this book!

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