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By The Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead (2010)

By the Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead (2010)

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About book By The Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead (2010)

spoiler, maybe....? I have no clue what I feel about this book. I literally just put the thing down not 5 minutes ago. YOU CAN'T JUST LEAVE ME WITH AN ENDING LIKE THAT!! WTF is this author, Julie Anne Peters, trying to do to me? Because after reading this book and just doing that..... I am seriously mad right now. & THE ONLY REASON I GAVE THIS 3 STARS WAS BECAUSE OF THAT DAMN ENDING..............The story is of 15 year old Daelyn, who after attempting suicide multiple times tries to finally get the job done right. Unexpectedly, as she has finally decided that she's going to off herself, people start showing up in her life, people who want to be friends. She doesn't know what to think because she was bullied her whole life and can't believe that anyone would want to be friends with her. It really is a sad story and I found myself connected to it in many ways. I really did like this book despite my giving it 3 stars. It was a great read and a terrific story on a deep topic. I've read other books on similar topics and this one is by far one if the best written ones I've read. Though it took me a few pages to get into the authors writing style, I still ended up liking the way it was written. It really is a good book, though I don't know how I would feel about allowing younger children read this because of the whole book being about Daelyn talking about killing herself, bullying, and reading about the best ways that you can commit suicide. So this book was insanely good up until the last page. xDI think she killed herself. She was so determined to at the beginning. After a whole life of crap from everyone, a few conversations with Emily and a dinner invite from Santana wasn't going to save Daelyn. But then if she DID go on to kill herself, that would make this book pointless- just a how-to on how to commit suicide. So I'm not exactly sure.Anyways it's a great read, and really makes one feel concious about how you treat others. :)

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damn! that was depressing. The ending is aggrevating as hell too

It was SOOOOOOOOO good. The ending is just….. iuqebuavb

Couldn't put it down , finished it in almost 3 hours


YES!!! She did not kill herself!!! :D

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