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Broken Legacy (2013)

Broken Legacy (2013)

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OMG I am glad I got Broken Legacy when it was free on Amazon. I didn't like the writing style of the author. The main Characters Lady Eloise Grandville and Lord Gerard Earl of Lennister just were not interesting. The romance fell short the sex was blah and bland. Eloise has married Lord Gerard after meeting him at a ball given for her sister Susanna and her betroth Baron Waverly. Her brother The 6th Duke of Rothware's marries her off to Gerard a few days after they meet at the ball. Gerard needs Eloise's help locating his children who have been imprisoned in France. This is the period of The Terror in the French Revolution. Which is a very interesting period in French History. You wouldn't know that by the way its written in this story. Just the basics that most people know. Eloise helps smuggle people out of France into England. Eloise lived in France for 17years where she had a lover Luc. It makes you wonder how early this girl started her sexual affair with Luc, she could not have been more then 15. Eloise has deep secrets. Eloise is into more then smuggling people and Gerard is doing more then looking for his 9 and 7 yrs. old children being held in a French prison. I think it is the writing style of the author that I found off putting. I got up to 72% read and just gave up. This might be one of the worse stories I have read in a long time. I CANNOT RECOMMEND Broken Legacy. Poorly done!!

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First and foremost I will like to thanks to Collen Connally for the privilege to read her book, I was really honored, I admire her books and she is a really talented writer.My honest opinion, this book bewitched me from the beginning. I was so into the main character Eloise. At first it was hard to understand what was going on because in the beginning you get intrigued as to what is really going on? But then everything makes senses in like chapter 3, which I love! Get to the point of the story and let the readers know the theme and the point of the story. Let a little imagination go while in their heads :) This book was awesome, I was scared and sad then happy then happy tears and then oh my gawd! My hero the White Rose :)!! For that folks you have to read it to understand it. Anyways, what more can you ask for? Sexy, old time and learn a little bit of history (the story is base during the French revolution time…crazy stuff) which is why I couldn't put the book down! There were up and down that just keep you motivated to read more which then again that’s why I love this writer. She can make you love old time English in a fun and sexy way. Really recommend! Enjoy it because I definitely did :)

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