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Brightly Woven (2010)

Brightly Woven (2010)

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About book Brightly Woven (2010)

Interesting concept, but rather lacking in delivery. The world-building is vague and sometimes feels inconsistent. The heroine, Sydelle, is annoyingly inquisitive and stubborn about things she doesn't actually know… while everyone else mainly just ignores or dismisses her. Also, North is only 18, but somehow gives off the impression that he's much older than he really is. Which isn't exactly a good thing for me. It's all these small things that took away my enjoyment of reading this book.Maybe Brightly Woven is simply not my cup of tea. Loved it!!!! I started Brightly Woven last year and put it down. It wasn't because I wasn't enjoying it, I just think other books caught my eye. I'm glad I did though because I don't think I would've of appreciated the story as much then as I did reading it now.I really liked Sydelle as a character, although I did find myself a couple of times being like "Oh for goodness sake, listen to North for once!" but when I really thought about it, I realised I would probably do the same in her position.North. Oh North! Such an amazing character and I truly cannot express well enough how much I love this man! For some reason, when I started reading it last year, I pictured him as Merlin from The Sword in the Stone movie which isn't good! But this time round, I imagined him a lot younger (his actual age, which I believe is late teens, early 20's) and fell in love!!! I loved his sense of humour and he just lit up every scene he was in. He is one of my favourite characters ever!I loved seeing Sydelle and North's relationship grow throughout the novel!! Just cute little bits here and there which would make me have butterflies in my stomach! I won't go into too much detail over the side characters but I enjoyed them a lot as well. Especially Owain, that man is so funny!!! I loved the fantasy/magic side of it. Everything made sense and I was never confused.So overall, I loved this book & it is one of my favourites of this year. 5 stars!

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It's really 3.5 stars but since that's not an option, it's been rightfully rounded up.

This was great. Too bad this wasn't a series.

3.5 stars for various reasons.

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