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Bridesmaid Lotto (2000)

Bridesmaid Lotto (2000)

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No. was looking for a quick chick-lit non-deep book and bonus - this was free (or cheap, I forget), rated well, and seemed to fit the bill. It was all I asked for, but so much more and not in a good way.Characters were overly stereotypical and were not relate-able and I had 85% of the plot pegged after reading the first chapter. This is a typical "I'm not going to describe the main character as anything other than 'beautiful' 'awkward' and 'clumsy' so you feel like you can fit into her Cinderella story" but with a generic plot, generic characters, and massive plot holes. I finished because I wanted this to count it in my total books read for 2014, but honestly I skimmed the last third of it. I downloaded this book for free on my nook app awhile back because it sounded like a cute, lighthearted story that would be easy and quick to read. Fortunately, that is exactly what I got. This story did not require too much thought, but it is fun. Will I be purchasing book 2? Probably not, but overall, I did enjoy this story. I must have downloaded a cleaned up version, because I didn't see too many grammatical mistakes or errors.

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Typical free ebook rom "com", Kept me entertained and thats all that really matters.

3.5 stars. Bachelor goes Bridal!

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