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Breathe Into Me (2013)

Breathe into Me (2013)

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Amanda Stone

About book Breathe Into Me (2013)

I really liked this book until the end. don't get me wrong I though Kane was sexy as hell and Kelsey pretty relatable. And just as the book was getting really good it just ends. like really fast ends. I feel like it was to rushed. honestly I would've rather had a huge cliff hanger then a quick ending. Even though the story was ended I felt like there was so much more that should have happened. I just wanted so much more. Bad boy bad boy ... Where are you? Let's start of with our h. God this girl is just.. Just... Grr moronic is the word I'm searching for. Very judgmental and immature and this entire book is focused on trying to make you feel bad for her but Jesus is it necessary to repeat the horrific thing on every page. Second thing, I really would like to know this girls secret to having an orgasm by dry humping your tattooed bad boy(who's not bad at all) boyfriend. She orgasms every time this dude touches her. And then she apologizes for said orgasm.. LAME! Our H: tattooed/pierced bad boy Kane.So we are told about his past transgressions with women and that's it. He fesses up to random hookups and being quick to throw a punch but we never even see him get angry. He's hot but if you are looking for bad boy/alpha male this book is not for you. Kane is just a nice guy tired of partying and wants to settle down and hang out with his maw and paw. That being said Kane is the only redeeming thing about this book. If I could give it 0 stars I would but hey Kane deserves at least one.H:hottie 4h:moron 0Storyline:1Grammar: terribleEnding:0Don't wast your time.

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Sweet love story!!

Weak plot line



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