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Boycotts & Barflies (2010)

Boycotts & Barflies (2010)

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1936305003 (ISBN13: 9781936305001)
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About book Boycotts & Barflies (2010)

This book was just really amazing!! You know that book that is just so good it actually gets you right back to wanting to read when you're in a reading slump? Well this is it, this is THAT book. It was hilarious and there were really funny awkward moments in the book and the romance, the romance was just so sweet. My only complain of this book could be that the characters would laugh almost at everything there were some points where i just was like "that isn't that funny really, why are you laughing?" Apart from that it is a really really good book and i defenetely recommend it to everyone who wants to have a good laugh or needs a reason to love to read again. Three best girlfriends meet three best guy friends: they are all beautiful, fall into pretty much instant love but cannot officially date or even french kiss because the girls are boycotting boys for a few weeks due to a bet. So, what do they do? They pretty much date (find work-arounds to not call them dates) and try not to jump each other. I really wanted to like this book and I was hoping for a funny read but that was not the case. This is poorly written and the characters are completely flat. I had zero connection to any of them because (other than Grace's self esteem issues) they were pretty much perfect and devoid of real personalities. There was no real plot or obstacles in the way of any of the couples. They all fell pretty much instantly in love and the main story arc was which girl would win the bet. The bet being a pair of shoes, this just wasn't a strong enough story line to keep the book going. And this book was long for such a thin plot-I feel like at least a 100 pages could have been edited out. Skip this one. Grade: 1/5

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1.5 stars. 1 star for idek. .5 for getting me halfway through the book.

HILARIOUSI wish there was an epilogue of some kind.

loved the book... Funny and not complicated.

great book!


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