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Bone Key (2008)

Bone Key (2008)

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A really fun read. I love how DeCandido captures the voices and personalities of Dean, Sam and Bobby with ease. And this story, set right after Christmas in season 3 (after the hell gate was opened, after Dean made the bargain to get Sammy brought back to life), fits right into the SPN canon.Darker and heavier than this author's first novel in the series, the plot here is tighter and the elements are more deftly handled than in book 2 (which DeCandido did not write, btw). Also, introducing an ancient Native American revenge spirit worked very well, as did the presence of two of the demons who passed through the hell gate when it was briefly opened by Azazel's minion not long before this story occurs. It would've been a mistake to not include such an obvious game-changing element in this novel, as the TV-series canon must be preserved and explored in the books if they are to ring true with SPN fans.Overall, the 3-4 hours I spent inside this story (it's a quick read) felt like time spent in a mini-SPN-marathon, with characters I love and a plot that fits right in with the lore of this world. Well done, Mr. DeCandido! This was okay. I definitely think DeCandido's first one was better than this. For me, this book switched to a different point of view WAY too much. I felt that the boys weren't "in it" enough either. Because of those two factors, it caused me to not really get into the book and take forever to finish. The plotline was nice and interesting to think about, though the way the boys had to go about it to defeat the big bad, seemed weird to me, as if that wouldn't actually happen in the show. Overall it was okay but I'm hoping the next one DeCandido wrote he did better.

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