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Bone Crossed (2010)

Bone Crossed (2010)

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3.5 This book was just alright. It centers around a convoluted plan hatched by Marsilia. Supposedly, Marsilia figured out Mercy's part in Andre's death. She had marked Mercy as an enemy. This means that those who associate with her are also targets. After a near brush with a pack mate's death, Mercy leaves to go ghost hunting for an old college friend. The college friend is heavily influenced by a powerful vampire though. It does appear that there is a vengeful ghost haunting the dead kid. After a particularly violent event, Mercy admits defeat and says that there is nothing she could do. She returns home where a meeting with the vampires and werewolves are taking place. It is revealed that Marsilia orchestrated Andre's death. She had killed Stefan's menagerie, tortured him, and banished him. This was to ensure that he would be an unbiased witness to Bernard and Estelle's treachery. When all of this comes out, Stefan leaves to Marsilia's confusion. Nevertheless, she had prepared a letter that contains information to soothe Stefan. Meanwhile, Mercy is kidnapped by Corbin. Chad is being held hostage and Mercy is taken to the vampire's lair. There, she discovers how he is able to stay in the sun. He is feeding from an oak man. He has the ability to absorb his prey's power. At first, he fed on his old master who was able to kill with a touch. She established his reputation well. When he found out that there was another walker, someone who could control ghosts, he was adamant to capture Mercy in order to get to his old master. Mercy is imprisoned. She releases Amber from her zombie-like state. She tells the ghost to believe her own death and is released immediately. She gets Stefan to save Chad. When the vampire figured it out, he invoked brownie magic to hold up a barrier against other vampires. When he came back to feed on Corbin, Mercy took her chance to attack. She, along with the oak man, managed to subdue him. Things came close when the old master asked for blood and materialized but the oak man came to the rescue. The walking stick was used to blow a hole in the house that provided sunlight, killing the vampire and maybe his old master. Mercy blacked out. When she came to, she released the oak man and Corbin. The oak man disappeared and Corbin and Mercy was taken back by Adam and his pack, who was told of the location by Chad. The official story is the Amber ran away with Blackwood to cover up their murders. It was an alright story. I didn't find it too spectacular and found myself distracted by more interesting things. Nothing much was explored in this book beyond a little snippet of vampire politics and a potential power up for Mercy. One of the things that probably pleased me the most about this is it picks up literally seconds after the last one ends. Mercy made a big decision at the end of the last book, so it was wonderful to pick back up at that pivotal moment, instead of having the week or two jump that was between the other books. Like the books before it in this series, Bone Crossed was a fabulous read. As usual, so much happens so fast that I find re-reading enjoyable and maybe necessary. The plot is good, the characters deepen from good to great, and more mysteries are unraveled as it goes on. The bad guys just get creepier in every book, but I have now reached the point that I'm pretty confident Mercy is going to make it out alive.And yet…this book only gets four stars. Why, you ask? Eh, no one reason. The title is not as clever as the first books, but I'm not taking a star away for that. I think it's middle book syndrome. Sure, this book is wonderful, but it's book 4 of 8 (or whatever) so there is no wrap up of the world. Which is fine, believe me, I want to hang out with Mercy as long as I can! Still, there is a lot more that needs to happen and there were parts of the book that are clearly there just to keep you curious for the next one. Which I want to read…immediately.

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Lots of action and great characters, one of my favorite series and comfort re-reads.

Super-good entry in this series. Already digging into the next!

loved this series

Reread 2014


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