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Blind Man's Alley (2010)

Blind Man's Alley (2010)

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0385531060 (ISBN13: 9780385531061)

About book Blind Man's Alley (2010)

Justin Peacock's Blind Man's Alley is a legal thriller that will satisfy the legal-thriller fan... If you can make it through the first 20-30 pages, that is. I liked it, but thought it took a while to get up to cruising speed. 0-to-60 did not occur in 5.1 seconds here! Then again, good things come to those who wait. *grin* Dustin Riley is a nice guy--as nice as a successful lawyer can be, anyway. He's on the up-and-coming path at work, with partnership just around the corner. He's just got to get through this libel lawsuit for their biggest client and he's a shoo-in. And for feel-good purposes, he's doing a pro-bono case to help some folks keep their home. Life is good. Then things slowly start getting complicated, and next thing you know his pro-bono client's on the hook for murder. And his boss is telling him to make a deal and close the case. But things aren't quite as they seem, and Dustin's curiosity gets him poking around things better left un-poked.While Dustin's legal life is getting complicated, Candace Snow's gets downright loopy. She's the reporter being sued for libel. And she's adamant that not a single word she printed is untruth. So she sets out to prove her side of things, and she finds out that getting wrapped up with big-time property developers can have scary consequences. The bad guys are bad, the good guys are good, and the lawyer makes his way from the fence to pick a side. When the pace picks up, you won't want to put this down. Promise.

A pro bono case turns into more trouble than lawyer Duncan Riley can imagine. Riley is an associate on the fast track to partner at the prestigious law firm of Blake and Wolcott. But his pro bono client, Rafael Nazaro, is arrested for murdering a security guard who had railroaded Rafael into pleading guilty to smoking pot when he really hadn't. Turns out the security guard, former cop Sean Fowler, had planted the pot so he could get Rafael and his grandmother evicted from their public housing ap

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I won this book on goodreads firstread giveaways. This is an enjoyable book about a young lawyer on the track to become partner at a large New York law firm, who finds himself involved in two seemingly separate cases: the defense of a family owned development company which finds itself in a bind when three men are killed in a construction accident on their project gentrifying public housing, and a young man whose family is being evicted from that housing complex. Many aspects of the story are predictable. The cases end up being connected and the young lawyer is tempted to abandon his principles by sex, power, and prestige. And why not throw in that he is biracial in a very white world. Despite some predictable elements it is an enjoyable read.

Three workers are killed while building a SoHo condo development and the developer is represented by the prestigious law firm of Blake and Wolcott. Duncan Reilly is a lawyer at the firm who is also working a pro bono case involving a young man and his grandmother who are facing eviction. Soon the simple eviction case turns very complicated when the man is arrested for murder. The story involves many different story lines that must connect and be resolved. This book was not very fast paced and I kept wondering about Peacock's other novel that caused me to read this one. I'm not sure I will read another novel by him.

After a construction accident in which 3 men died, Roth Properties is being sued. It's a family millionaire business with father, son, and daughter officers of the company. Duncan Riley, up and coming attorney, is a player in their defense. When the daughter, Leah, comes on to him, he is wary. Is it a ploy? Murders keep happening to witnesses. When Duncan meets a feisty reporter intent on covering the story, his world starts to crumble. And his pro bono tenant client is accused of murder. The scenario makes him examine what kind of lawyer he wants to be. Exciting.

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