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Bleksad (2006)

Bleksad (2006)

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Beli Put

About book Bleksad (2006)

I really, really liked this comic-book. I loved the way it was drawn and especially the points of view were very interesting and felt different and fresh. Also enjoyed that the artist used for example cat's real reactions in the pictures, that even though the characters were so human like, they still reacted and acted like the animals they were. I liked the characters very much. It actually felt like that these are the type of characters that I would really fell in love with. I could really hear their voices and it was possible to imagine how they would talk and move. Very, very well built characters. I'm going to read all of these. These books are actually that kind of stories and artworks, that I might buy them to myself, instead of just loaning them from a library. The rating is mostly for the art that is stunning, original and its own storyteller. John Blacksad almost doesn't need the writing to be a compelling PI hero. The writing is good too and the stories are among the coolest hardboiled PI comics. The world is so atmosphere rich, alive and the charcters are so humanlike. The first story is lightwight and simple PI story but the other two are stronger, smarter and makes me want more, much more of Blacksad and his world.

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A little disturbing. It does get to think. That's why I like these types of stories.

As sexy as anthropomorphism can be. Storyline, characters, and artwork on point.

One of the best comic series I have ever put my eyes on.

Lo mejor las ilustraciones, impresionantes

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