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Bleeding Violet (2010)

Bleeding Violet (2010)

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1416986189 (ISBN13: 9781416986188)
Simon Pulse

About book Bleeding Violet (2010)

Really more of a 3.5, but it was a quick read and I liked it enough to be generous. It reads like a pretty straightforward YA novel in terms of plot: teen girl with a troubled past moves to a strange town, tries to fit in, gets a boyfriend, then realizes how strange the place really is and has to fight evil to save her loved ones. I was impressed with the depiction and handling of Hanna's mental illness. It's surprisingly not a big deal because the circumstances she finds herself in are so much worse, but it's still never brushed off or irrelevant and ends up being her strength. It is difficult to tell sometimes what's real and what's hallucination, but that is obviously the point since Hanna can't distinguish either. The other thing that stood out to me were the monsters and magic. For a one-off short book, the world is surprisingly original while still seeming coherent. It wasn't a place I would ever want to live, but it was cool to visit for a brief time. Totally worth checking out! This book is slippery; every time I thought I had a handle on it, it slid away. I think this is partly due to the schizophrenic narrator, whose skewed perspective has her delivering everything in a candid and non-dramatic tone whether it's normal teenager girl thoughts, thoughts of suicide/homicide/arson, or descriptions of gore and supernatural happenings. The fact that Portero is a town where supernatural things happen all the time makes it so residents barely bat an eyelid when something bizarre happens, which makes it even more disorienting. It's like the whole world's gone mad, but Hanna, being mad to begin with, slides right into it with only a few curves to learn. I have to admit, though, that she was a refreshing change from the stunned ingenue that YA is riddled with, with her acknowledgement but not fixation on her mixed heritage, her lack of angst about sex, and her ability to get a grip of things without being either the helpless maiden (parodied in the character of Petra) or an overly defiant "I don't need no man to save me" response to the former. Being that I'm a fan of Chuck Palahniuk, I like it a little twisted, but you have to admit there's something a little thrilling/chilling about a girl stating all no-nonsense that if her mother doesn't come to love her, she'll paint the walls with her own blood.I like that Wyatt seems to be a real boy, not some stoic love interest archetype. Other characters were a bit flatter, and Rosalee honestly remains a mystery to me. I'd like to know more about her history and why she has this weird ability to compel men. The world-building wasn't as deep as I'd like. Overall, though, a decent read.

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Great characterization of Hanna. As her shrink said, she is quite charming.

Waste of time. I have no idea as to why so many people like it.

Love this book, love this writer.

this book was amazing.


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