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Black Collar Beginnings: New York (2014)

Black Collar Beginnings: New York (2014)

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About book Black Collar Beginnings: New York (2014)

This novella focuses on Caleb and Emma Morgan. They're part of the syndicate that runs NYC and important members of the family. Caleb is an enigma. He's yearning for his brother and doesn'r understand why he can't be found or why he was sent away for so long. That part comes across clearly and I wanted the family to be reunited. He's turning cold to everything but Emma, his innocent cousin. Emma is a teenager and has been kept far away from the family business and everything else but she wants in and Caleb knows something isn't right, so he decides to start teaching her.I can't say I agreed with Caleb's teaching methods. Caleb was as brutal as Emma seemed innocent. Of course, whatever Caleb did, he did in the name of family and love, which are usually very good motivators. I think I got a slightly larger feel for Caleb than Emma in this novella and I'm looking forward to seeing if Black Collar Empire answers the even more questions I have after finishing it.

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