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Black City (2012)

Black City (2012)

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0399159436 (ISBN13: 9780399159435)
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Though I normally am quite repulsed by insta-love plots, I didn't really mind it in Black City. The characters didn't jump into it right away, though they both had feelings for each other. They tried to get to know and understand each other before they jumped in. Natalie and Ash were both characters that I found myself sympathizing with and they changed a lot over the course of the novel. I also was fond of the parallels to WWII's Germany. I am so excited to start the second book in the series! I was actually first introduced to this book via twitter. The author had posted something about going on a US tour for the book, and I, being a writer myself with aspirations of authordom, tweeted to her that this was an amazing opportunity that many only dream about. So it made me smile a bit when I finally got down to reading the book and remembered that short conversation.So...this book was not what I expected. I do not remember what I initially thought it was going to be about last year when I first checked it out and read its blurb, but I know I did not expect Darklings and Sentries and second hearts. It was a bit darker than I expected too, which I absolutely loved. I mean, near the end, about page 292, I almost didn't want to finish because I was having a dark moment and I didn't want to lose any of the characters I was beginning to fall in love with.I also love how this book has quite a bit of foreshadowing in it, but not so much that I felt I knew what was going to happen. It was just enough that I was kind of excited to guess future events, and sometimes I was right, but the events never happened the way I figured. It was unexpected and absolutely wonderful.Also....I think I know who Purian Rose really is.The story was very well done and I absolutely cannot wait to buy the second one and pick up where this first left off. I have to know what happens. I have to know if my prediction about Purian Rose is correct, and I have to know where all my favorite characters and least favorites will stand when the war between races finally ends, if it ever does.

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I loved this book! Ash is tough funny and when he and nat. Get together it melted my heart

it wasnt that great

Pretty good book :)


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