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Black Butler, Vol. 6 (2010)

Black Butler, Vol. 6 (2010)

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The start of the Circus arc! It is very much concentrated around the relationship between Ciel and Sebastian, as well as exploring the inner workings of the Circus and the people who work there. It's also nice to see Ciel work by himself and without Sebastian's assistance, even for a little while. We also see the return of a certain glasses-wearing character and small glimpses into Ciel's past. I really wished I owned volume seven because this one ended on a rather tense cliffhanger!PS: There's a Black Butler game for the Nintendo DS? Do want. Ciel and Sebastian run away to join the circus! Okay, they go undercover as acrobats to investigate disappearing children at the request of the Queen. As acrobats, it is very clear that Ciel isn't hiding any secret physical skills, which I love. His power is all in his devious little brain and his ability to stack the deck with a demonic butler, why would he need to walk a tightrope? Other than for our amusement, of course.

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Ciel and Sebastian join the circus as part of an investigation and meet a familiar face. Good volume

Oooh yay! The circus arc! I'm glad I didn't have to wait longer for this after seeing the anime.

I did not quite understand because my mom thought i had the other 5, but i got the gist of ti.

i loved it

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