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Black Butler, Vol. 01 (2010)

Black Butler, Vol. 01 (2010)

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0316080845 (ISBN13: 9780316080842)
Yen Press

About book Black Butler, Vol. 01 (2010)

Тут без слов понятно. И-Д-Е-А-Л-Ь-Н-О. Рисовка, персонажи, история, загадки, опять рисовка (чего только стоит одежда). Аниме и рядом не стояло. Впрочем третий сезон получился на удивление неплохой. И то, только потому, что был "от" и "до" снят по арке Цирка. Долго можно об этом говорить, но все же советую прочесть всем кого хватило только на аниме. Black Butler vol.1. A very decent manga, I must say. Honestly, it was very compelling in most parts, and the story itself is somewhat kept shorwded in mystery and suspence. Yes, it is revealed what the butler is, but everything else we have yet to learn. Thus, making you want to open up the second volume. The characters are nice, the secondaries adding comic relief and giving the story a lighthearted feel without taking away from the dark and brooding atmosphere. It's good that they don't suspet a thing, which makes it all the more fun. But Ciel and Sebation? Two of the best fiction characters I have come across in a long time!I truly enjoyed them togehter, and admire how original they are. Who would think a twelve year old boy could be so blase about certain things on an adult level, and sophisticated without all the typical, childish anticts we expect from these types of "precoious" characters. He's not a kid, not by a long shot. And Sebation. Love him. I simply love him!All in all, this is a great first installment to really get you interested in the series. A sweet, original tale.

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I love this series! Sebastian is amazing! You could think that a demon butler could be so sexy!

I'm reading this in Korean, and I am loving every second of it. Sebastian is sexy as shit.

Sebastian his one devil of a butler.

i just wanna see wut the story

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