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Bitterblue (2012)

Bitterblue (2012)

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About book Bitterblue (2012)

I really enjoyed Bitterblue! so i was very surprised to see all the negative reviews it received. Although it was slower and not as action packed as graceling it was still just as entertaining. I loved that we got to see some of the characters from graceling (katsa & Po) in Bitterblue as well as new ones like saf! I absolutely loved saf! he was charming and unique. I was a little disappointing in the end about how saf and bitterblue's relationship turned out but nothing less this book was a great read and i didn't want it to end! This book made me feel the frustration, exhaustion, and confusion Bitterblue felt. Graceling was action packed, humorous, and to the point. This book was a book of sad ending, horrifying discoveries, and slow (but promising) new beginnings. I loved Bitterblue. She grew with the story and near the end of the book, I saw her for the queen she was. A heart wrenching read, but it was nessesary to end the horrific story Leck began.

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Engaging. Pleasant revisit with Po and Katsa.

This was by far my favorite of the trilogy.


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