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Binding Agreement (2013)

Binding Agreement (2013)

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Ok so, Robert wasn't a bad man after all. He is just a scared and confused one; a man that used his work and power to hide his childhood suffering. That's good. I mean, not the crashing people's lives part but the not being completely bad.No back to Kasie. I must say I really enjoyed her little time in the dark side. I was like "yay" make Asha feel like a tiny little thing (you know, just because she deserved it!) But after I finished reading this book I did get Kasie's idea of stepping away from that entire negativity world she lived in. It can be exhausting trying to live like that; being ruthless and emotionless just to get through your day to day. So cheers to Kasie that left all that behind even though it meant to lose the man she loved.And that scene when Robert and Kasie replay the way they met...perfect, just perfect! The story just died ... it was interesting in the first book and a little messed up in the second book but this book just was not cutting it for me. I already knew that Kasie was unsure of herself and wasnt a person that knew entirely ehat she was doing with herself but after book 2 wouldnt she have gotten some sense? And Robert wasn't really helping her by getting rid of everyone that came in her way, that doesnt make it seem like shes using him at all -_- o wells at least she isnt the obedient one anymore or the rebellious one-but just Kasie.

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Lo único bueno que tiene, es que finalmente se termino la serie! No mas!

3.5 I liked how it ended the middle was frustrating

Loved the ending best book out the trilogy.

Wouldn't finish the book!

this was a great series

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