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Beyond Shame (2012)

Beyond Shame (2012)

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Moira Rogers

About book Beyond Shame (2012)

What a ride this was!! I enjoyed this a lot, we're in a sort of post apocalyptic world, I guess, which wasn't that hard to visualise. Noelle started in the still rich/functioning part, Eden, but got kicked out.The story progresses well, it's hot, and I loved the characters.I loved Noelle's development and going from fragile to a strong, independent woman. Loved Jasper, he's strong, deadly, but gentle with her.I loved that despite Dallas' crew being a gang, nothing was cruel - they get Six thrown at them and gag her, with Dallas telling her that this is the worst they'll ever do to her if she co-operates (I.e doesn't try to kill them/double cross them).There's a lot of sex, but there's also a lot of respect. This book isn't dark.It seems the sequel is more another instalment of the series focusing on other characters, which is a little disappointing as I don't feel Jas and Noelle's story is finished yet, but maybe they're heavily featured in the sequel.Only issue was sometimes it was too busy: there were a few times where I didn't know who was saying what, or who was doing what, and I had to read over to figure it out.Other than that though, really good story!! Behind Doubt, Beyond Shame“You would’ve done the same.” ”God willing, we’ll never know.” Beyond Shame, Kit Rocha Well would I write out all my dirtiest fantasies (and why are they dirty) and share them with the world… a few know that to be true. Sad to say I have never met anyone like that face to face but to live through works such as today’s Beyond Shame by Kit Rocha, makes me feel, less alone, less ashamed somewhat.Honestly I don’t know why we shame ourselves the way we do… legal reasons, even the people of Sector Four had a code but they have a freedom few of us are willing to experience. Orgies, a bit of paddling, public “fornication” as Noelle Cunningham would put it, okay we have morals, standards but the way I see it as long as it’s consensual, you’re not making anyone’s life Hell, and there is this idea of the innocence of youth I say, do whatever makes you feel good. Makes me wonder why Donna Herren and Bree Bridges came up with the pseudonym of Kit Rocha, they didn’t just want to have their names on the cover, for people to say how dirty the two of them are… well then again not even the Marquis de Sade wanted to be remembered.“She gets full fucking disclosure. If she’s not willing to tend bar, clean house, or suck dick by the end of the week, she’s gone.” Beyond Shame, Kit RochaThis story is the fairytale “Cinderella” meets the HENTAI “The Harvest Night” depending on your definition of wicked but long story short; Noelle Cunningham is kicked out of Eden and plopped right into the dystopian landscape of Sector Four. Finding her would be prince in Jasper McCray, a would be king in Dallas O’ Kane, and her wicked step-sister in Alexa Parrino, Noelle finds ever new and exciting ways to fuck up her life… and I do mean the best definition of the word fuck. The story is ever too familiar to me… probably because it’s the subject of nearly every masbatory fantasy I’ve ever had, good girl goes bad and likes it but it still has plenty of surprises.Sometimes I read things like this and I’m like… this is why I’m not published, because I’m pretty obscene and then I read things like “Claiming Kelsey” or “Faefever” and I’m disturbed or weirded out. Beyond Shame, gives me the story, turns me on, and doesn’t leave me with the weird morning after, I suppose I want a happy ending but Beyond is a series so we’ll see.“Dirty’s saying I’m going to make you come. Obscene’s saying I’m going to spread your pretty pink pussy lips and spank your clit until you come all over my face.” Beyond Shame, Kit Rocha“I can survive without you, but it’s only that. Surviving. I want to live.” Beyond Shame, Kit Rocha Noelle is an angel going from vanilla to thirty-one flavors and then some overnight... I see some of myself in her but that’s because I’ve had people telling me everything I want sexually is wrong. Personally I like the word fornication but it’s a mouthful when fuck is so much simpler; she is exactly my type, angelic, submissive, but she has that fire that all the heroine types seem to have, not that I have anything against her coolness, thank you Katniss and Elsa. Part of me thinks her transformation was too fast though, from princess to whore in a flash, though that might not be fair Jasper, Dallas, Lex, a strip show, to me she’s still a good girl, depending on your definition of good.“All the girls throw themselves on Mr. Hero. He lets them bounce on him for a little while, and then he bounces them right back off.” Beyond Shame, Kit RochaJasper, a meat shield according to Lex but a respected lieutenant to Dallas, and a reason for being with pretty Noelle; gangs in a dystopian society are a lot more… well I don’t know but I’d join the O’Kanes no doubt. He’s a tease when it comes to Noelle but the girl is just learning and being on the eve of a war, the thought of leaving her alone…enough for anyone to show some caution when it comes to the heart. A bad boy with good intentions, who kicks ass in the cage for fun and will have a four-way with his new girl, his boss’s girl, and his boss.Dallas is the king, Lex the could be queen (just started the next book) not to mention a wide array of characters, the other members of the O’Kanes, which as far as I can tell will result in more books and more couples, Bren and Six, Ace and Rachel, Flash and Amira etc. As far as enemies, assassins, Noelle’s father Edwin Cunningham, other gangs, as I was only introduced to Eden, Sector Four, and a bit of Sector Three. Right now the deceased characters were only given enough development to want them dead but with so many good guys you can only wonder which O’ Kanes will be standing, betrayal, blood ties, cuffs and collars, ink on skin…If it’s not death it might be the sex, I could be wrong about the pairings, with the bed hopping who’s with who at the end of the night.“I think I could love watching people fuck.” Beyond Shame, Kit Rocha If I have already peaked your interest then come no further, SPOILERS but this book would have made an awesome soft core porn, just on the grounds that it is rare to find hard core porn with an awesome story line. As for what I would like to see… hmm that is a somewhat strange question considering they show everything but again it seems every couple is a continuation of the story at large.Noelle’s first lessons when it comes to sex were… enlightening as I said I see a bit of myself in her as far as what I feel and what I want sexually but being a virgin how do I really know; what I wouldn’t give to go to one of Dallas’s infamous parties. There is also the scene where Noelle and Lex strip and have sex on stage, someone once said men as a species are doomed, how the hell did Dallas and Jasper take Sector Four again, and it looks like their little bromance is over, as Noelle will have Jasper wrapped around her finger. The moments between Jasper and Noelle, I’m going to miss that in the next book and what would they call it between Jasper and Noelle anyway… close enough to a marriage but her taking Jasper’s marks, his ink, a tattoo, a collar sounds hot; I can see Noelle break out into Britney Spears “And he's got my name, Tattooed on his arm his lucky charm”.From what I can tell of the next book so far “Beyond Control” sensing a pattern depending on the girls “deal” this will be about Dallas and Lex and will probably have more to do with the other sectors as well. As I said I want a happy ending but two books in, everybody can’t survive but there should be more people to kill that I wouldn’t mind see dying. What about Noelle and her father, she didn’t go home but the councilman who ordered the hit is still out there and should he fail will Edwin still come looking for his wayward daughter. “Do you think I’m a harlot?” She could not be serious. “No. I think maybe you’re a lady who likes to fuck.” Beyond Shame, Kit RochaI gave it three stars, a decent showing that will probably increase with the following books, a decent girl, the story is on point, and the fact that I want to read the next one but strangely enough I believe the heroine was too easy, the plot has been done, and the characters while some were well developed I tend to try and keep track of everyone so I can picture them in my head but what of their minds their motivations… Amira and Flash will be parents soon, Ace has a thing for Rachel, Bren likes pain, simple facts I suppose with the other sectors I’ll be losing names pretty quickly. As for what I learned from this book… I sometimes clearly overestimate the righteousness of women but as I heard in Guy Code once I want a lady in the sheets which I turn into a freak in the sheets, don’t already be a freak when you get into my sheets“If love is trust and need and always feeling better when I’m with you… I love you.” Noelle Cunningham Beyond Shame, Kit Rocha

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Hot as hell....with minimal plot but I would read it again!

Did not read. Remember not to buy b/c of sex sharing.

Great fun read. Interested to see the next book.

DNF...I didn't get it.

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