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Best Friends Forever (2009)

Best Friends Forever (2009)

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0743294297 (ISBN13: 9780743294294)
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About book Best Friends Forever (2009)

Same premise as Firefly Lane, about 2 best friends only not as much depth in the characters and story line. And what the heck, we know along what is up with Dan Swansea so how is that storyline remotely interesting. Their friendship is dull and I end up not liking Val much. And the relationship she ends up having with the cop, Snore. Lame. I finished to find out what happened at the end, but not a fan. I finished this book only because I wanted the credit for my 2014 reading challenge. I did not like any of the characters at all. Therefore, I never felt one ounce of tension during the 360 pages. There were efforts at suspense, but I just did not care. The first-person narration shifted to a third-person narration focusing on the cop further interrupted by the italicized Dan chapters was just a ridiculous choice. Avoid! This is NOT a book at best friends reuniting. It tries to be, but it didn't work. I didn't find any best friend vibes from the pair.

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Fun easy read. I needed something light after my last serious book and this was just right

Should have read the reviews before I started this dumb book. sorry I wasted my time!

it was a good book but a fast one

I really like this author!


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