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Believing The Lie (2012)

Believing the Lie (2012)

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0525952586 (ISBN13: 9780525952589)

About book Believing The Lie (2012)

It is a long story, a heavy read for me. But surprisingly, I really enjoyed it. Elizabeth is very good at telling a story, describe her characters in great detail, to some extend that I thought it is too much, and became extraneous.But I still quite enjoyed the book. The story started with an unexpected death of Ian, although the local police announced as an accidental death, the uncle Bernie went out of his way, pulled a lot of strings, and insisted on getting an inspector from London involved in a secrete investigation just to make sure his own son Nicolas was not involved in the death of his nephew. As the investigation gets deeper and deeper, a lot of lies people believed unveiled. Everyone's life changed. People start to get scared, they want to stop the investigation, but it is impossible. Although they would prefer to believe in the lies, they have to face the consequences of when the lies are seen through. The book got me to think, life is complicate,to keep one lie uncovered, one needs to create hundreds of lies, and that is what makes one life so miserable. Another very engrossing read, but it was disturbing to me because of the plotlines involving the youngest characters, so I can't rate it higher. What is even more disturbing (MINOR SPOILER ALERT) is that the theme of a modern-day return to Victorian era child pornography seems to be recurring throughout a lot of the newer fiction I'm reading lately -- and I know the authors I read keep up with real-life trends, in crime and otherwise. Makes my heart break.

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i always enjoy this author. The story had many twists and turns and an unexpected ending.

Slow start, but very affecting by the end of it.

A fat book for a summer read.

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