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Because You Tempt Me (2012)

Because You Tempt Me (2012)

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About book Because You Tempt Me (2012)

I'm not going to lie, you can't really judge this at all until you clearly read them all, because not much happened at all. We established parts of characters, we still don't quite know them. We established there's going to be hanky lanky with the leads. We established he's a dom and she doesn't quite look submissive, but as always he'll change that or change himself slightly like they all do. Boo. But I'll read the others and then make a full opinion on the last part. I took this book on my December holiday. There were times I couldn't put it down and others where I got a bit tired of it was a good book, but not entirely sure I'd read another one of her books, if that makes any sense...I really enjoyed 50 shades of grey, this book had a sticker on when I bought it that said, if you liked 50 shades of grey, you'll love this book! so i took it but to me, it didn't come anywhere near 50 shades - this was a bit heavier than 50 shades and I battled to relate to Ian :( what I did like anout the book, however, was that it wasn't all from Fransesca's point of view, every now and then it changed to Ian's perspective and that was really nice! That's something I missed in 50 shades...

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Mildly entertaining and too much like fifty shades,.. Enough to keep me reading though :)

It was a good book, but it seemed the same as 50 Shades of Grey!

love love love

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