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Because You Must Learn (2012)

Because You Must Learn (2012)

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If I hadn't gone to bed so late last night, and therefore started this book... I wouldn't of finished it so late. If I hadn't of finished so late (or looked at the clock) I would of kept going to the next book in the series. Other than not enjoying the location of the first "scene", I enjoyed the book quite a bit. However, I found even hearing about a "crack" in the priceless piece of furniture involved didn't allow me to enjoy as much. I almost found the scene disrepectful. Hopefully I will read through the next book in the series tonight!! I was extremely hesitant to pick up this series by Beth Kery because I wasn't a big fan at all of her previous book I read, Wicked Burn.Needless-to-say I ventured into it with wary hesitation. I was at first relieved that each book was a sort of short story that continues into the next. This was good when I discovered this because I realized that if I didn't like it, I wouldn't feel like I had wasted to much of my time.Well… I worked through the first one and before I realized it, it was finishe

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Ha! Little Miss Inexperienced is giving Mr. No It All a run for his money!!!

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