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Beauty Queens (2011)

Beauty Queens (2011)

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0439895979 (ISBN13: 9780439895972)
Scholastic Press

About book Beauty Queens (2011)

A recipe for Beauty Queens: Mix together two cups Swiftian satire, one teaspoon Lord of the Flies, two tablespoons beauty pageantry. Set aside. In a mixing bowl, cream together two sticks of feminism, softened, one teaspoon piracy, one tablespoon capitalist criticism, two cups of heart. Add dry ingredients slowly and mix until blended. Bake at 350 for 390 pages. Enjoy the eclectic dish that emerges. What did I just read!?! It took me longer than I'd plan to finish it. Sometime I just have to stop reading it because it's just too much. I feel like I'm watching a low budgeted movie with amateur and over acting actresses and actors. I almost give up and just leave it unfinished but I was hoping that it will get better but really it didn't. Well, there some good part, some that I find it kind of funny but there are a lot of unnecessary part like the advertisement thingy or something like that I just don't get that part. But by the way what happened to Taylor??

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I loved this book. The humor was right on target. This was a great stress reliever

This is the weirdest, most hilarious book I've ever read in my life...

Feminism at its broadest and most accepting best. Silly and smart.

Didn't enjoy it at all.. The characters were stupid and shallow.

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