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Beachcombers (2010)

Beachcombers (2010)

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0345518284 (ISBN13: 9780345518286)
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I started out liking this book more than the last one I read by Nancy Thayer. I could relate better to the characters who, while still living on fabulous Nantucket Island, were mainly regular working class people. I certainly can relate to a story about sisters who don't always get along but rely on each other nonetheless. I always enjoy hearing about summer by the sea - has she written a book about Nantucket in the winter? Unfortunately, she decided to throw in some manufactured melodrama - something happens that is really too improbable and too convenient. I do expect some unlikely events in a soap opera-y book like this, but I balk when they are just so out of the ordinary.I did manage to get over my indignation and enjoy the denouement and I might still read another of Thayer's island dramas. It does sound like a pretty cool place. Addictiveness ❤❤❤❤Originality ✯✯✯✯Detail ♢♢♢♢Story/Plot ✪✪✪Characters ♡♡♡♡Memorable✿✿✿Likeness to recommend to others✤✤✤✤To me this one had a bit of slow start but I came to enjoy the three sisters stories and their growth throughout the novel. Really has a bit of a happily ever after and everything works out perfect for everyone ending but I enjoyed it. This was my first by this author and would certainly try more. I do have to say I tried this one as an audiobook which in general I get through easier and I also think contributed to my rating as it was a nice easy book to listen to.

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I enjoyed this book and the characters in it. It's the perfect beach/summer vacation read.

Good summer read.

Read 6/14

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