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Batman And Robin, Vol. 1: Born To Kill (2012)

Batman and Robin, Vol. 1: Born to Kill (2012)

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1401234879 (ISBN13: 9781401234874)
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About book Batman And Robin, Vol. 1: Born To Kill (2012)

Je n'ai pas très bien compris l'intégralité du scénario de Tomasi mais dans l'ensemble c'est une histoire du tonnerre où Bruce essaie de convaincre son fils de ne pas sombrer dans le dark side. Damian est un vrai psychopate mais les dernières pages ne rendent pas hommage à sa vivacité d'esprit et à son caractère torturé. C'est juste un gosse de 10 ans qui aime son papa... A part ça, les dessins de Gleason sont extra, j'en ai pris plein les yeux! I initially thought that Batman & Robin was going to be a cheesy father/son duo comic. Boy was I wrong. This was meaty and gritty. At some point in time or another I was frustrated with every character (except Alfred, he’s always perfect). This was a solid story arc and I will be reading and reviewing more in the near future.This Batman comic centers around Damien fighting his demons and Batman trying to fight them for him. Batman constantly shuts Damien out and the rage inside of Damien just continues to boil up until it eventually boils over. We see character development out of Damien but Batman is as static as ever.The art is beautiful and exceptionally dark, even for a Batman comic.I recommend this for Batman fans and Batman fans who are a little tired of Batman (me). It gives you something new and dynamic to chew on.

Do You like book Batman And Robin, Vol. 1: Born To Kill (2012)?

Gleason's art is stellar, but Tomasi's dialogue is hackneyed.

Started a little slow, but really built to an emotional end.

Easily one of the best of the New 52!

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