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Bajo La Misma Estrella (2012)

Bajo la misma estrella (2012)

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Nube de Tinta

About book Bajo La Misma Estrella (2012)

I give this book 4.5 stars.I absolutely love this beautifully written, smart book. it was funny, it was poignant, and it has left a mark on my heart. John Green is such a lovely writer. This is the kind of young adult fare that you WANT kids (and adults!) to read, rather than the teenage angsty drivel that is 50 shades of Twilight. This is my second book by John Green, (the other was Looking For Alaska) and I loved them both. Both made me laugh. Both made me cry. Both made me think.This book has the smartest teens ever to have dialogue with each other, in fact, maybe a little bit TOO smart. I have never met teens in real life who are as insightful, intelligent, smartly funny, well -read, possessing vast vocabularies, and as wittily irreverent as these kids. While I loved the wit, the intelligence, and heartbreaking poignancy, I found it a little bit unrealistic that the three main teen characters in this book are so exceptionally intelligent after raising 6 teens of my own, and spending years upon years with them and all their friends in all their normalcy . This is why I only gave it 4 1/2 stars rather than 5 stars.That minor complaint aside, this is a very special book about star crossed lovers whose lives converge in the literal heart of Jesus (slightly irreverent humor I loved) and neither will ever be the same again. I'm not sure I'll ever be the same again either. It made me want to cherish all the infinite moments I have with the grandest loves of my life. TFIOS is an absolutely stunning novel, that is the only way to describe this work of art. I have read it twice and I am currently a quarter way through it my third time (yes, it's just that good). The character of Hazel Grace was loosely based on a young girl whom the author John Green had known, who had been fighting a battle with cancer at the time. I believe that John's personal connection has made the book so much more incredible and a truly heartbreaking read. The main female character Hazel Grace Lancaster, is a sixteen year old girl who suffers from a thyroid cancer that has progressed to mets in her lungs. Hazel as a character has a lot of substance and is interesting from the beginning of the novel. The main male character Augustus Waters, is a teenage boy who had a rare bone cancer called Osteosarcoma, which in turn had claimed one of his legs. Hazel and Augustus meet at a support group for cancer sufferers and survivors. They begin a friendship which slowly develops into this beautiful and epic love. The main point for me which made this book so great was that it was honest. Things are not always perfect but such a connection with another human being can really put everything into perspective. If i could give this novel 6 stars, i would. John Green's writing is always pretty good but he has really outdone himself with The Fault in our Stars.- CeCe, xxx

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I laughed. I cried. He explores elements of the disease that I had never really considered.

one of the lovely lovable love story i have ever read ... it was just awesome ....

excúseme but i can't read this book and i really want to do it please help me.

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