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Bad Rep (2000)

Bad Rep (2000)

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About book Bad Rep (2000)

This was lighter and fluffier in places than I was expecting but like this author's other books, parts of this really took my breath away, challenged me and made me think. It's cleverly written and quite deceiving really.As a brit, I was a bit bewildered by the college system in the US - sororities, fraternities, pledges, bids, brothers and sisters - as the story in this centered around that whole system, but all I really needed to get was that the sorority thing was about fitting in and being seen to be popular, something that our heroine , Maysie is desperate to do. I liked the way that Maysie kind of grew up and developed a sense of self worth that didn't depend on the opinions of others, but it took a while to get there and it was hard to read about at times - gut wrenching but also exasperating as I lived through the consequences of her actions.I struggled a bit with the love interest in this, Jordan. Without spoiling this for anyone he started as a spineless jerk and even though he redeemed himself to Maysie, I can hold a grudge for way longer than her...Great chemistry and hot sex scenes. Recommended. Ive held off with this book due to some reviews that made it sound so awful. Then I saw book three was coming and kept waiting and man oh man I wish I didn't wait! What a great book about discovering yourself and building a back bone! I do not like cheating what so ever in a book so yes I was a little mad at first with Jordan but he def redeemed himself. I like the angst and drama, makes it a page turner and more interesting than insta heart and roses. 4.5 stars for sure and can't wait to dive into Riley's story!!!

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A little slow reading in the beginning but turned out to be a really good read, really enjoyed it!!!

I have yet to read a bad book written by this author. She's awesome!!!!!


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