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Bad Monkey (2013)

Bad Monkey (2013)

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0307272591 (ISBN13: 9780307272591)

About book Bad Monkey (2013)

This book contains so many pleasurable aspects, it's hard to focus on just one. Adventure, Crime, Mystery, Sexcapades, utter hilarity and an eclectic mix of corrupt characters make for a wildly entertaining read. Not to mention the Author is extremely good at making you feel familiarized with the settings. Hiaasen's sharp whit combined with his clever story crafting will definitely have you checking out his other works. Another good one from Hiaasen. This one is pretty typical with its assortment of wacky characters and situations. The protagonist in this one is an ex-cop named Yancy, living in the Florida Keys, who has been demoted to health inspector because he sexually assaulted his girlfriend's husband with a vacuum attachment in public. Prior to being demoted, he was tasked with taking an arm snagged by a fisherman to the Miami police to dispose of it and get it out of the county's jurisdiction. The owner of the arm was apparently killed in a boating accident, but was he really? Yancy thinks not and is hot on the trail of the murderer of the man with the missing arm, thinking he can be reinstated as a cop. The trail leads to the Bahamas and the titular "bad monkey" who was featured in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies starring Johnnie Depp. The monkey later plays a role in saving Yancy from the bad guys. The book is full of Hiaasenesque humor and subplots and was overall very enjoyable. Would recommend it!

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Perfectly convoluted. And the whole thing works. Though I don't agree with the choice of title.

Love Hiaasen's laugh out loud funny books! Bad Monkey does not disappoint.

A great combo of funny and mysterious!

so poorly read....

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