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Bad Girls Dont Die (2009)

Bad Girls Dont Die (2009)

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About book Bad Girls Dont Die (2009)

Despite some off putting reviews from fellow readers I actually loved this book. Yes Alexis is a whiny 16 year old, the stereotypical high school loner who dislikes everyone around her because of their superficial ways and yet happens to draw the attention of the sweet, good looking popular boy who is so perfect you kinda wanna throw up. Seriously YA authors find a new trope already!!! but the storyline line was actually really good.The hints of supernatural were just a perfect amount for a book that gave me the chills in certain parts but not scary enough that I wouldn't be able to sleep for fear of spooky dolls trying to possess me. I really liked the character of Megan, the seemingly perfect cheerleader who ends up helping our protagonist as well as becoming her best friend. Megan is a 4d character who kinda makes up for Alexis's teenage angst.So I would recommend this book if you want a bit of a lip-biting spooky novel with some major dysfunctional family issues and a crazy doll who is looking for revenge! This book I read from cover to cover pretty fast. The book was great because even though it was a ghost story you could still relate to the protagonist and her family. All the characters were pretty real. Alexis's skepticism towards her sisters and the strange events going on in their house was perfect. The book had a great plot and a plot twist at the end when you thought the book was going one way but it was really going another. I loved the details as well. The only real critique I had was that the writing could of been more mature in some parts but I also understand Alender wanted the characters to sound like teenagers.

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Fun story about possession just in time for Halloween. Better and creepier than I expected.

Who doesn't love a good doll possession story.

Awesome book! I couldn't stop reading it!

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