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Backfire (2012)

Backfire (2012)

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0399157328 (ISBN13: 9780399157325)
Putnam Adult

About book Backfire (2012)

Back Fire is an FBI Thriller by Catherine Coulter. She takes her FBI duo, Lacey Sherlock and Dillon Savich, from Washington, DC to San Francisco to help a friend. The plot thickens and twists as they try to locate a killer. This book is one of my favorite ones about the FBI. Judge Ramsey Hunt had been shot as he looked over the bay from his backyard. He is in the hospital under lots of guards as the doctors work to keep him alive. He comes through the surgery and will live; but will be in the hospital for a very long time. Meanwhile guards keep his family safe. He does promise his daughter, Emma, that he will make her debut with the Symphony. She plays the piano like no other eleven year old girl. As the FBI and US Marshal service along with the San Francisco police try to find the murderer, District Attorney O’Rourke is declared missing. The possible answer seems to lie in the Cahills who are on trial for murder in Judge Hunt’s court. However, they are both in jail. How is it possible they could be involved? Romance blooms as the suspense and the search for the shooter continues. Will they find the shooter in time to keep him from killing someone else? Why did Savich get a note in the mail just as Judge Hunt was shot? What does it all mean? Another great FBI suspense novel by Catherine Coulter. Some of the things that attract me to want to read every FBI suspense novel that comes out by Catherine Coulter are the avoidance of EXCESSIVELY gory details, very little if any profanity, and avoidance of sexually explicit scenes or details. Although all of her FBI novels have involved an evolving attraction between 2 of the key law enforcement officers in the story, there are no steamy sex interludes. The female characters are always portrayed as highly intelligent, tough, and well trained physically. The law enforcement officers embody toughness and intelligence but also compassion for the victims of crime and their families. I love the way Coulter portrays different types of criminals in each of these novels and how the law enforcement characters find and apprehend them. She always manages to put new twists in each novel that continue to make them fascinating.

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Eh, mediocre crime novel. Took awhile to get into and not all that interesting a payoff.

Good read...First time reading author I like the way the flow

An excellent thriller with good twists

Not great, but worth a listen.

Another good FBI thriller

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