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Avoiding Responsibility (2012)

Avoiding Responsibility (2012)

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About book Avoiding Responsibility (2012)

Yes, it couldn't have been a better ending. I was at a point where I was not sure whether I should curse Jack or Lexi or Bekah or even the writer more. (Sorry! :( I was really overwhelmed.) But even though my feelings for the characters mostly didn't change (only Lexi finally seemed to get her shit together and get herself on the right track for a change since the beginning of the series.) I came to a point where I wanted to congratulate the writer. Definitely. The build-up of Lexi's "revelation" (though poor), the build-up of the plot and the ending was really, like rrrrrreaaally very satisfying. I read Bekah's with a laaarge smile on my face. After all the pent-up frustration that I felt for Jack and especially Lexi, I can say that I was waiting for this point where I can look back on Lexi and observe her mental growth and "journey". Phew!! Totally feeling better already before the final book! Better than the first one for me, basically because we focused solely on Ramsey in this book and that didn't make me so much of an emotional roller coaster concerning the relationships. New characters, further revelations, many more questions and much angst, as always.Bekah was still the bitch we all hate, Lexi grew up little by little and became stronger, Chyna was the best, Ramsey grew on me but I still love Jack, even though he is a douche. Overall, an emotional improvement.

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I did NOT see that coming! The ending blew my mind!

much better than the 1st one in the series

love this series can't get enough.

LOVE this series!


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