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Attack On Titan, Volume 2 (2010)

Attack on Titan, Volume 2 (2010)

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About book Attack On Titan, Volume 2 (2010)

*5*I had high expectations for this manga just become I loved the first volume deeply. I'm starting to watch the anime and I really like it. I didn't find the manga too graphic this time which is good. But, Eren being swallowed by a titan. That made my heart sank. But, Mikasa and Armin were disappointed but they did not hold back. *SPOILER*I knew that Eren was the titan who attacked other titans!I really just need to pick up with the rest of the series. My brain just wants to know more. Plus, titans are really ugly.. :p It is still in the story arc that I experienced in the anime and so far I am still enjoying it. The only thing that I see lacking is the the relationships between all the characters and their personalities (which the anime gave just a bit more focus on but I felt that it was just enough to do the job).I really like the spreads or panels that a lot of detail and more shades of gray as it makes the images, especially the more important ones, much more full of impact.Volumes 1 and 2 both have nice surprises (cliffhanger or reveal) that keeps the reader going, which is a plus. I've read other people complain about the art style and I don't see anything particularly wrong. There is a definite effort in style and body proportion. Even the placement of the characters or the environment in each panel is kept consistent. The only thing I am dreading is that once I catch up to where the anime ended, I am gonna have trouble deciding to continue on with the manga, or wait for the anime to continue.

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Still interesting and action-packed. Some things are unclear and inconsistent, tough


A good continuation!

Better then the 1st!

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