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Attack On Titan, Volume 1 (2010)

Attack on Titan, Volume 1 (2010)

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I had first heard about the anime (which I haven't watched as my brother told me to watch it after the 2nd season comes) and seen only the last episode (again, my brother), but I didn't find it scary. But its the concept that is scary, not the artwork. It gets you after maybe the 3rd or 4th chapter. After 4 volumes, it is definitely scary. And nudity - well it is not so much nudity as it is the skin stripped off. As a student of medicine, I'd actually first appreciated how accurate are the individual muscles drawn...not the storyline. I'll probably be reading a few volumes, leave them off for a week or so, and the again, curiosity. Not for those of faint-heart. This will be giving quite a few nightmares. But it is still an extremely well drawn out story which I'll definitely continue reading! Quite a different take on dystopian fiction. This book/Manga had amazing detail and action.I loved reading the entire book right to left,yeah thats right RIGHT TO LEFT!!This is like no ordinary book/comic,its called a manga its a Japanese book thats read right to left starting from the top of the page going left then down.This book had me all pumped up for the next books that were next in the series!If u like action and drama,THEN I SUGGEST READING THIS MANGA

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Great first volume. Nicely detailed art and sophisticated storytelling.

I love the TV series with a passion so the manga was a delight!

SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN !!!!!!!!! I looooove it

So so so good

Epic series.

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