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Attack On Titan, Band 1 (2014)

Attack on Titan, Band 1 (2014)

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I really think it's cool how Eren Jaeger intends to fight the colossal titan, that's just the most interesting part in the entire manga volume 1, the reason why I find it interesting on how Eren is so attempted on having intention to fight the colossal titan is because he's only a trainee and he's giving up his life to fight against the colossal titan, I think he's really brave and have the guts to fight, I also find the saddest part was when Eren's mom gets eaten by a titan when Eren was around 10 - 12 years old, I think Eren went for the colossal titan because the colossal titan was the one who broke the wall for the titans to go in, and speaking of titans going in it killed Eren's mom so that's why Eren had the guts to destroy the colossal titan, However, he failed.Thats just sad but he manage to survive, this story is infact very interesting. Fantastic concept, but the execution is muddled. The action scenes are confusing and there is a lot of forced exposition via dialogue (and the biggest action scene of the book is interspersed with little diagrams about the technology of the world that, while fun and neat, could very easily have been shoved somewhere up front you know, before people started using these crazy personal zipline things). I bet the anime is awesome, though. The kinetic action of this story is way better suited for that medium.

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My mind is so blown. I can't even... think. Obviously this is a must read.

Oh. My. God. What just happened? O.oI need the next part. Now.

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