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Ataque A Los Titanes, Vol.1 (2012)

Ataque a los Titanes, Vol.1 (2012)

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About book Ataque A Los Titanes, Vol.1 (2012)

This isn't a book that I am overly impressed with. If I'm honest with you, I'm not a manga fan. I don't like the anime style of art and I have avoided any type of anime or manga for my entire life. This is the first manga that I have ever read. The hype surrounding Attack on Titan was just too much for me to overlook, so I gave in and picked up a copy. I didn't hate the book. I didn't like the art, but I knew that was going to be a challenge going in. I was hoping that the story would be so engrossing that I would be able to look past the art. That simply wasn't the case. Have you ever read a book or watched a movie and thought to yourself, "This is ok, but it could be so much better"? That's how I feel about Attack on Titan. The story is there. I can see how huge the possibilities are with the dystopian society created by Attack on Titan, I just don't think the story reached its full potential. Another thing that bothers me about Attack on Titan is the characters seem almost like archetypes. They are very one dimensional. The main character is always mad and yelling about everything. His best friend is loyal to a fault. There was no depth to the characters. I will pick up the second part and give it a shot just to see if Attack on Titan redeems itself and if it really is deserving of all the hype that its received. I hope so, but I doubt it. Attack on Titan is placed in the future Japan when Titans have inhabited the land causing society to retreat behind three walls. This story then focuses on Eren, a boy who wishes to join the Military and fight the Titans on the outside of the Walls. One day, the Titans burst through the first wall killing Erens' mother and igniting the need to fight against the Titans. It would be interesting to explore the idea's of what different characters could be metaphors as well as allegories for war. Each character is shown as very humanistic, even the Titans who show up out of no where and their only purpose is to eat humans. Further into the manga, we find that there are Super Titans who are controlled by other humans. This could create a debate into the purpose of the Super Titan and why one would want to destroy the walls around their fellow humans. Because this is still in production, it would be interesting to try to even predict what might occur and back that up as to why the prediction is possible.

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This book was amazing I highly recommend the book it has some action stuff on it. It's just awesome

Eh, not the best Manga- I want to know more about the bad guys etc...

okay..wait what??? what happened, omg.

very good introduction to the series

La raja

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