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At His Insistence (2012)

At His Insistence (2012)

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delilah fawkes

About book At His Insistence (2012)

Oh, Pretty WomanIsabeau has a crisis of faith regarding her trust in her Master and he leaves her to stew which only builds her desire. After deciding to boldly go where no Isabeau has been before, she and Chase share an eggstremely eggciting evening with a few of his business associates. As Isabeau struggles for her last vestiges of control, she is slipping further and further under his spell.Once again, this is very short but it's a spicy hot, extremely erotic short which ends in some incredibly carnal, animalistic, wild sex. This collection of novellas is really doing it for me. Chase is beginning to rock my worldLead on MacDuff............

This was just HOT as hell.God this man knows how to please a woman. After her No, Mr. Chase shows her what she really needs, and let me just say if she choose before knowing what that meant, after she was really pleased with her decision.A party with his business associates was the perfect set to him. He made her squirm and realize what being with him entailed. And I don’t think she was disappointed :PLet´s just see what this training implies.

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