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Asterios Polyp (2009)

Asterios Polyp (2009)

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0307377326 (ISBN13: 9780307377326)

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The first Mazzucchelli I read, like many comic book fans, was Born Again. It's completely different than this, but they're both great for different reasons, and I didn't realize that Mazzucchelli had this kind of thing up his sleeve.Every detail here is carefully chosen--the analytical, eponymous main character's speech balloons are square, with neat capitals, while the love interest's script lettering is bounded with curves. He's in clean, blue lines; she's in sketchy pink lines. The whole book has a lot which plays off of dualities, but it's even willing to check itself there too, with the narrator taking Asterios to task for constructing an either-or worldview.Other nice touches: Sterio's head is always the exact same shape, giving it an iconographic quality, like the face on a coin. Even so, Mazzucchelli manages to put a lot of emotion and expression and variety into that one shape. Some seemingly minor lines, interspersed in dialogue and debate, make for some really clever foreshadowing or parallelism. My favorite is the astrologer talking about his birthday: "Hm. A Cancer, but almost a Gemini."There's a ton here. It's super clever, and it's a beautiful story. This is what comics are all about. This is a prime example of a graphic novel to spurn all those who think that graphic novels are childish and non-important. Asterios Polyp is drawn with a wisdom of style and line. With an unexpected rhythm we are introduced to Asterios. He's an architect, professor, husband and great thinker. He's never been able to shake the feeling that he's only half a man, that there's a duality to everything and his philosophies on this theme echo through his relationships, work and construct of self. "What if relaity (as percieved) were simply an extension of the self?"Although the text may be easily read, it begs to be combed through and digested over time, echoes of the story repeat and diverge. Art, architecture, love, mysticism and artistic prowess are all exposed and questioned. When Willy Illuminato bursts into Asterios' world, all topics are forced to be addressed. "Simultaneity-the awareness of so much happening at once- is now the most salient aspect of contemporary life."This is an excellent read for sophisticated fans of illustrated novels.

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Artful, well-thought drawings + philosophy = No brainer, I loved it.

A likable pretentious douche bag. Who woulda thought?

Massive. Perfect. Balance.

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