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Arouse (2014)

Arouse (2014)

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About book Arouse (2014)

One-clicked this book for free on Amazon, and couldn't read it fast enough or devour the couple Dean and Olivia (Liv) quickly enough. Author Nina Lane has a gift in being able to bring the characters into your head and heart, make you KNOW them intimately. And what an awesome weaving of falling in love and two becoming one. All of the obstacles that are placed into Dean & Liv's path are eventually overcome by the depth of their love, despite the crazy mistakes and stumblings they make. As is sometimes the case, I groaned when the conclusion of the book arrived, but the special offer to leave a review and receive the next book in the series was like a morsel to a starving person!!! I tripped over myself trying to get to the next installment, Allure. I love this book! I have become attached to the series! :-) Dean and Liv as a couple are great together but the book isn't just a romance story with lots of hot sex. It also has twists, secrets, and even betrayals. They are a happy couple with a great sex life but the book shows their relationship as a real relationship would be. The ups and downs of a marriage, a career, and family. Also, There's a huge cliffhanger! I was so glad I already had the second book which, I just finished also. Readers that haven't read this yet: you may want to buy the other 2 before you start the first one. You'll be glad you did. :-)

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I got really bored with this and thought that they're problems were dragged out far to much!!!

I'm a sucker for stories so close to real life.

Love liv and dean!!! Great story....

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