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Aquaman, Vol. 1: The Trench (2012)

Aquaman, Vol. 1: The Trench (2012)

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About book Aquaman, Vol. 1: The Trench (2012)

Geoff johns is such a bad writer... His dialogue is stilted and corny, like when Mira broke her handcuffs and kicked the police-car door into the sky, and took it upon herself to walk right into a tense hostage situation and start questioning the gunman. All her arresting officer can say is "durrr... I thought you were surrendering to me". Yeah because that's how a cop would react, not by saying "freeze or I'll shoot" or just shooting her, just stand there bewildered. Totally unrealistic. Here's another example of horrible dialogue. In a flashback Mira confronts her dad about not wanting to kill aquaman.Mira: Aquaman isn't who we thought he was father. He isn't out to destroy us. He doesn't know the colony exists and he doesn't WANT the throne of atlantis despite every hardship he's gone through, he's... Noble. Father?Father: you're a traitor traitors must die, and so must Aquaman.Mira: I won't let you kill him.And that's the entire flashback. Escalated quickly huh? Apparently Mira and her dad have absolutely no qualms about killing each other... And dad has nothing to say to his daughter other than "traitors must die" ? Who talks like this.It reminds me of the flower-shop scene from the movie The Room. You know, "good-bye, hey doggie" " you're my favourite customer". Yeah. The pacing is that bad. Geoff Johns sucks. Aquaman: Volume 1 has been one of my favorite new 52 titles to read! He is such an under-rated character and I think that Geoff Johns did a fantastic job of putting Aquaman into the spotlight that he deserves! The storyline was great and as soon as I picked up this book, it was difficult to put down! I loved how the author showed that even Aquaman doesn't know everything about the oceans and that he still has a lot to learn, even as the king of Atlantis. The trench creatures were really creepy and awesome and definitely added a lot of mystery to the story. I also enjoyed reading about Aquaman's wife, Mera. She seems to be a very strong and independent woman who has much to learn about humans, but is faithful to her husband and wants to help him on his quest as much as she can. I also loved the introduction of Aquadog into the story and how he can't swim! I thought that added a great humorous aspect to an otherwise dark storyline. I hope to see more of him in the upcoming volumes! All in all, this series has definitely blown my mind and I look forward to picking up volume 2 soon!

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In a few words Geoff Johns made Aquaman a great character as he should have been for years.

Love the new 52 take on making Aquaman bad ass.

wtf, aquaman is good now?

superb art.

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