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Apocalypse Zombie (2012)

Apocalypse Zombie (2012)

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I really enjoined this book, Rot and Ruin by Jonathan Maberry. Hes is a fantastic author and I would highly recommend this book for anyone looking for an adventure or a good zombie read. The Rot in Ruin is the 1st book of 3, so far. I'm not sure if there will be a Fourth. I liked the Rot and Ruin because it shows another side to the old fashion zombie apocalypse. When most people think of a zombie apocalypse you think of The Walking Dead, or world war Z, where they are constantly killing zombies to survive. But in The Rot and Ruin people have learned to live life with out killing many zombies. They build up towns and continue their daily lives. At 15 you have to find a job or else they will cut your rations, everyone has a job. In the rot and Ruin people believe that its wrong to just kill the zombies because they had been people too. I think its kind of odd but its a good twist to the story. Overall it was a amazing book and I would highly recommend it. The Rot and Ruin is about a 15 year old boy named Benny Imura who lives in a post apostolic world filled with zombies. He has an older brother named Tom who he thinks is a sorry excuse of a brother. He has a friend who he likes who goes by the name of Nix.The conflict of the story is when a couple of bounty hunters lead by a bounty hunter named charlie take Nix and kill her mom because of a picture of a girl on a zombie card. Tom and Benny go into the Rot and Ruin(which is where the zombies roam freely) to get nix back and also find The Lost girl before Charlie does. I like this book because it is not the usual clique zombie book. Yes there are reused ideas in the book but it doesn't go deep into those ideas. For example when Benny was talking to the erosion artist and he said people thought the reason why the dead rose was because of a bio weapon. It did not expand the thought it was left there. The thought idea ended when the erosion artist said " It is just a thought." I didn't like the sub-plot of the story though. The sub-plot was not really for a lack of better words " put out there." You have to think about the fact that Benny was in love with Lilah but decides to go with Nix. I found out he was in love with her when he threw the card away when he was with Nix. Overall the book is great. I am looking forward to reading the entire series. It shows that even in times of peril there will always be bad guys who make good guys come out of ordinary people. I also like the book because it also makes me think if I were to live in a time like that, would I be a Tom,( a leader with honor, and thinks about the community) or like a Charlie ( a leader who only thinks about himself and his own well being.) I recommend this book to the readers who like the Overlander series, Hunger Games series, and the Mortal Instruments series.

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4.5 stars. This book is just fantastic. Gut and heart wrenching minus the sappiness.

Such a good zombie series! Can't wait to read what happens next.

Great! I read the WHOLE SERIESin a week!

Review to come.

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