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Angels' Blood (2009)

Angels' Blood (2009)

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0425226921 (ISBN13: 9780425226926)
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About book Angels' Blood (2009)

Oh man, where to begin?It may contain spoilers thoFirst, it was soooooooo full of cliches. The "plot twist" at the end wasn't really a plot twist.The tragic and misterious back story of the heroine was just hinted and nothing more, no connection to anything. Not even proper PTSD.The hero: THE cliche hero, big, adonis-type/greek-god body, long silky hair, knows everything about everything, thinks that the heroine is just a tiny tiny ant in the inmensity of his world and knowledge,has NO personality (I think Ultron has more personality and it's a machine), is curious about heroine because idk STUFF LORY, THINGS.The sexual tension was good, the whole macho-dominant bull-crap was way over the top, more cliché than air. And the final epic sex scene: REALLY? are you kidding me? I don't think the author has ever tried to have sex IN a bathtub, it's cool in movies, but in real life? dude, no.The idea itself was cool, but then the whole book was a mix of cliches, that started as such and ended as such. Definetly not reading the next book and not recommending it. I liked it. I think I will go on reading the series. Things I liked: 1. The alternative universe where vampires are created by angels and angels walk (and rule) the earth.2. Elena's kick ass personality. Things I didn't like:1. Information overload about different background stories, especially regarding Elena's friends. I felt it wasn't necessary.2. Elena's kick ass personality. Sometimes it just felt forced and annoying, especially her tendency to argue and give smart ass remarks all the time. Overall, recommended for the paranormal romance genre lovers.

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I have to agree with others. This is more urban fantasy than romance. However, a great read.

Loved how naughty this book was. :)

Nalini Singh is a goddess.



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