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Angel Time (2009)

Angel Time (2009)

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1400043530 (ISBN13: 9781400043538)

About book Angel Time (2009)

This novel is about an assassin who has lost his faith in God. His guardian angel comes to visit him and needs his assistance in helping others.I did not care for this novel or should I say novella as it was a quick read. The writing is simplistic and I felt like I was reading a YA novel. Usually this author's writings contain fantastic imagery that the reader cannot help but picture the scene and surroundings. That was not the case in this novel. As for the story itself I did not buy into it. The author recently had a religious transformation and this novel read like an allegory of her change in beliefs. I have no problem with that but at times it was too blatant. Also, I never felt any connection to the main character as his story fell flat and his guardian angel's story was never explored.If you are looking for something to read from this author may I suggest trying a different novel. There is a sequel for this and I probably won't even bother.(That never happens since I ALWAYS complete a series if I start one) Este libro me gusto mucho. Acá en Argentina solo se consiguen solo el primero y segundo. El primero fue un regalo de una amiga y la verdad que me lleve una gran sorpresa porque si bien no es uno de los mejores libros que leí esta muy entretenido. Me gusta la forma en que Toby (protagonista) viaja del presente al pasado para poder llevar a cabo la misión que le fue encomendada. Se los recomiendo para pasar un buen rato. Espero poder leer pronto la tercera parte. Me olvide los dos te dejan con un final abierto en donde queres si o si seguir con la historia.

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Finished in less than four weeks. Loved this book. Very timely.

I enjoyed this story even the second time I read it.


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